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Direct Apparel Source Inc.

Screen Printing Services, Custom Promotional Products and Embroidery Services

Direct Apparel Source Inc.'s Logo

Direct Apparel Source Inc.

Screen Printing Services, Custom Promotional Products and Embroidery Services

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Embroidery Services in Turlock

Direct Apparel Source Inc. is proud and pleased to offer custom embroidery services for businesses and community members right here in Turlock. With the use of industrial machinery and high-quality materials, we can complete beautiful embroidery on hats, caps, dress shirts, leather jackets, and so much more.

Our embroidery services are highly personalized and affordable. To learn more about what we offer our valued customers, dial (209) 529-2679 today!


Personalize Your Garments with Professional Embroidery

Many different businesses, organizations, and individuals enlist the expertise of our custom embroidery company. We have created jerseys and team wear for various local sports teams, we have helped business owners personalize employee uniforms, and we have completed custom pieces for individuals.

We can embroider your logo or graphic on a variety of garments, including, but not limited to:

  • Apparel
  • Hats and caps
  • Dress shirts
  • Golf shirts
  • Sweatpants
  • Towels
  • Jackets
  • Leather
  • Socks
  • And more!

You can either bring your garments to us or choose from the selection we offer.

Whatever your brand goals, you can trust our embroidery services to deliver top quality results.

Commercial Embroidery Machine

You may be wondering: how does my digital logo get from the computer screen onto the front of a hat or towel?

Here’s how we work our magic.

First, you will send us your logo or graphic design in a PDF. We will then create a DST or digitalized stitch file that our commercial embroidery machine will be able to read. Our experts will ensure that the specifications of the DST file work for your product. The DST file used for a cap, for example, will be vastly different from that of a jacket. From there, we will use our technology to stitch the graphic onto your garment of choice.

With the precision of an industrial embroidery machine, you won’t have to worry about loose or uneven stitches that sometimes come with hand sewing.

Get a Quote for Your Custom Embroidery Project

The cost of your embroidery project will depend on a few different factors: how many garments are being produced, how big the logo or graphic is, and how many colors are required.

Before we begin stitching your garments, we will consult with you about these details and provide you with a detailed estimate.

We are proud to offer some of the most competitive pricing in the area. To get a quote for your custom project, call or stop by the shop!

Contact Direct Apparel Source Inc. for Professional Embroidery Services

Show your pride with custom school spirit wear! Adorn your sports jersey with your name and number! Enhance the professional flair of your company brand with personalized employee uniforms! Create a garment that’s just for you!

There are many ways to use custom embroidery to your advantage, and Direct Apparel Source Inc. is here to help. With a commitment to quality, affordability, and accuracy, our shop is proud to have become one of the most renowned embroidery companies in the Turlock area and beyond.

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